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Autumn Interiors

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Classic Blue Pantone Lounge - Interior Design
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Darker nights and fresh crisp mornings can only mean one thing, and that is Autumn. As soon as we lament the sad passing of sunnier times, just as quickly we turn to the excitement of Halloween, leafy walks and Christmas! With our change of clothing we also turn to our interiors to create a warm inviting place to hibernate inside.


Curtains can keep the cold of Autumn and Winter at bay by keeping out the draughts. Using full length curtains, and a good quality interlining and lining, not only gives a room a more impactful look but also a more sophisticated interior design. If you have radiators directly below the window then layering a window with a blind and curtains gives you the option of using the blind and curtains or just the blind leaving the curtains as a dressing.

With the colder months arriving not only do we need to consider how to keep our homes warm and cosy, we also need to ensure that they are practical and functional against rain and the accompanying dirt and mud brought into the house. We recently had a client who wanted white curtains in Linara at a patio door. The scheme was a lovely nordic bright and open room but the client also had a dog that used the window as access to the garden. The functional solution was to add a warm beige panel to the bottom of the curtains (approx 50cm) to hide any offending dog hairs or rain water. Not only was it a practical solution, it ended up being a wonderful addition to the room and can be seen on my instagram.


Pantone Colour of the year 2020 has been PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue which a calm and confidence hinting at stability and connection; I think this is a wonderful sense of what our homes should be. A place to escape the world and focus on ourselves and our relationships to each other. This is a wonderful Blue that takes us nicely in the colder months and I know what you are thinking... Blue is a cold colour! But fear not! This has a warmth about it that makes you want to grab a blanket, 100 pillows and turn on the TV! I love how over the last few years we have seen this type of Blue coupled with the warm metals such as antique Brass and burnished golds and yellows to create an opulence that we love in these colder seasons. Some might say festive!


Texture of fabric, or the addition of a trim or boarder on curtains or cushions can add a whole other dimension to a scheme. Leather is a natural autumnal choice that can we be added in any colour now, including the fashionable metallic golds and burnished browns to fresh white that would suit a plain scheme such as the stunning nordic interiors we all love. Other fabrics that have moved from fashion to fashionable house is Boulé: the teddy bear fabric seen in jumpers that has now moved on to have cushions and unholstered footstools and the like made using it for a lovely touch!

However you decide to update your room this A/W - enjoy the sanctuary of your living space and the safety this gives you.

If you would like request a quote, please get in touch.

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